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Hey guys and gals, Drox and I are going to be coming back some time this week, been a little busy lately with career, sorry about not being on, looking forward to talking with you all again! XXOO <3

Also Very Important!!!!
For test results, Go into the Gallery over there --->
and go to Upload, go to Browse, Go to My Computer, go to Microsoft (x86), go to RiftGame, go to Screenshots, than put it into the Screenshots of Test Results gallery. Thank you :)
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Cracking down on guild member restrictions

Squeegey, May 11, 11 8:13 AM.
Ok guys, now that im back i have heard plenty of what went on while i was away and what people think needs to happen, and this is the one that keeps popping up. as many of you might have noticed, i have kicked ou tnearly all of the people in the 10-19 bracket (excluding the active players) because i have been hearing from a majority of you that there are too many inactive players and i assure you that i will be correcting this issue in due time, soon i will be clearing out the inactive players that are in the 20-29 bracket, but i figure i will give them a little bit of time. Also (to all Officers) thank you for keeping me up-to-date on what has been happening while i have been away and ask you to continue helping me out if you are so inclined. :D


Squeegey, Apr 6, 11 9:24 PM.
Ok guys, Our official rival guild is <Fallen Angels> if you see one of them about to die, or needing help or anything, DO NOT help them, i know that sounds kind of childish, but thats all we can really do for now until Trion gives us some good PvP where we can murder their faces....and the rest of them too if u like... ;D
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1. At least level 20
2. dont be an Ass hat
3. dont be too much of a dick to other guildies
4. help out when you can
5. be active
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